Domain registration

Your domain name is just like your phone number, if you pick a catchy and easy name, It would be easier to give a good impression and to get calls from the targeted clients. Whether you already have a domain name or you need to get a new one we will help you to build your website.

Hosting solution

There are too many hosting solutions, so choosing the right one for your website is not an easy task, but after conducting a short meeting we can recommend to you the best solution that fits your budget and requirement.

Web design (UX - UI)

It’s not easy to be noticed among all the websites on the internet! That’s why we at 3alaFekra make it a big deal to give you an innovative design that works for your brand.

Web Development

Static websites are dead for a long time, Since Facebook and other social media, the clients now have the ability to understand how to manage and edit their website. That’s why all our web development now is dynamic, whether you need a small website with a small budget or a big one, with 3alaFekra you will get the best solution for your website.

Shopping cart

If you are looking for an online store for your products! look no more, we can give you the best offer with one of the best tools available in the market with fast and easy delivery.

Online payment

Having an online store needs online payment! And nowadays we have more solutions like never before, so integrating the right one for your online store would be the right step.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

It’s essential for your website especially if your website is considered a sales tool.
SEO work in 2 ways:

Online Courses

Coming Soon